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Finish Styles


Pressed Finish

Pressed finish is cast up side down in a mold, and appears veined. It may be tone-on-tone, with the voids created in the pressing process in-filled with a slurry paste of a matching color, or it may be finished with one or more contrasting colors filling the voids, creating a more mottled effect.



Ground and Polished

Lightly or aggressively ground to reveal a light sand aggregate or larger marble chip aggregate depending on the extent of the diamond pad with water and grinding.



Hard Troweled

Smooth and mono-chromatic in appearance, cast right side up in a mold, and steel-troweled to lightly burnish the surface with the cream rising to the surface of the concrete slab while it is wet.



Custom Finish

We are not limited by the finish styles listed.  We can create just about any look you can imagine.  We have made concrete look like copper, stainless steel, granite, marble, we even make glow in the dark concrete and  much, much more.  That is why concrete is our medium of choice. It is incredibly customizable.  And the color options are endless!


2 Responses to “Finish Styles”

  1. Richard Dovere says:

    Hi – I am putting in a new kitchen and I need two small counter tops.

    Sink side: 62″ (will need an opening for a sink)
    Other side: 42″

    How much would it be to get these two pieces made?

    Thank you.

    • smillardy says:

      Richard, thank you for your interest in our concrete for your project.

      Looks like you have about 25 sf so the concrete counters would be about $1375

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